Friday, March 16, 2012

I AM _ _ _ _ LOCKED

The title, it's a pass code, FYI. 
Well, I haven't posted anything since March started, have I?   Animated Emoticons

Of course I was busy doing my duty as a student, but I did watch movies a lot too lately. And this one has been added to my favorites:


Actually I didn't know there's the TV series of Sherlock Holmes on BBC until some months a go people reblogged the gifs of it on my tumblr dashboard again and again. I knew what they reblogged was Sherlock Holmes, but it wasn't the Sherlock Holmes I watched on theaters. So, I searched for it on google.  Apparently, BBC one has been airing the TV version of Sherlock Holmes since 2010 and the second season of it was aired last January so I guess that's way it was all over my tumblr dashboard lately. Google said that the series is the 21st century version of Sherlock Holmes. A modern Sherlock Holmes? hmm interesting. And I also checked on its IMDB

9.1/10? Wow. A must watch! And a million thanks to Putdar for letting me watch the series, the files she gave me definitely helped me out of my curiosity. And my writing below contains a little bit of spoilers, so if you hate to be spoiled, stop reading here. I'd be very pleased if you keep reading, though. Hahaha.

A lot to discuss here! I'll start with the major characters, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. John is the type that avoids fighting. The one who will give away just to avoid punching anyone on the face. He is the one who keeps the emotions to himself and easy to forgive. He is the one who respects others' feelings. He's the one whose anger won't last long. He's the one who'll stay kind to you even though you've humiliated him. He's the one that every kind of people can be close to. He is the loyal man. I like him. He's the real human figure, I mean, he's not too fictionized (does that word even exist in English?). But Sherlock. He knows a little about sentiments, all he's acknowledged of is chemical instruments and all the science stuff. Although that doesn't mean that he has no feelings. He does, but he's not aware enough of other people's feeling that's why everybody thinks that he's annoying and perhaps that's why he doesn't have many friends. He also underestimates little knowledges such as that the Earth goes around the Sun which John --and I-- think  is a weakness. There is a big weakness, so there must be a big strength. Doesn't that hurt so much that a super annoying person would have a super genius brain? He is humiliating, yes, but sexy. Brainy is the new sexy :)

And this little thing about friends pinched me. Moriarty says to Sherlock in the latest episode, "Your only three friends in the world will die.." and who are these three friends? Sherlock mentions John, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrade. Why them? Remember when Donovan starts to conclude that Sherlock might make things up to make himself look good, and how Lestrade reacts to it? He doubts. He never thought of it, he never thought that Sherlock was a liar, but what can he do when everybody insists to say so? Mrs. Hudson is never involved seriously in Sherlock's cases but definitely she cares  about Sherlock and knows him for long, do you really think that she'll believe the story about Sherlock the liar? Think stereotypes, I don't think so. And John Watson, we need to discuss about him. He is the first one that Sherlock mentions when Moriarty says that his friends will die. Okay, who keeps staying beside  when Moriarty makes up the story about Sherlock invented Moriarty and says that Moriarty is actually an actor hired by Sherlock? Actually, at first I thought John would start to doubt Sherlock but no, he stays beside  him even when Sherlock himself declares that he did invent Moriarty. Sherlock always says that he has no friend, but who they are that he claims to be his friends, they whom he cares about, they whom he first remembers when he's about to die? There are only four: John, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, and Molly (his lover). So what is it about all this? Well, friends are the ones who trust you :)

Alright then, is any of you sherlocked enough to guess the unrevealed 4 letters of pass code in the title of this post? 
*da fuq, too easy.. it's from the movie -.-


buddy2blogger said...

Nice post about the BBC series. Benedict Cumberbatch is a great Sherlock and Martin Freeman the perfect Watson.


Rima Putriani said...

Thanks. Yes, they both are perfect! :)

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