Friday, March 18, 2011

[Repost] Lyra and the Crystal Ball
~ by Rima Putriani

Once upon a time, there lived a cloudless young girl named Lyra. Since her mother was dead, she only lived with her father in a small city. Her family was not a rich one, but they lived happily although they had to work very hard just to get a food.
Her father was a blacksmith and Lyra herself worked as a messenger who sent message from one to another. She enjoyed the job where she could explore the whole city. She woke early everymorning to get dressed with her messenger-uniform and then got to work. Her bestfriend, Ronan, always stayed in the mouth of the alley to pick her up and then they’d walk together to work even though Ronan was a pipework, not a messenger like her.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Saddest Part in Love Actually

Love Actually is a 2003 movie. When I watched it, In the begining of the film, I was like 'what is this?' but I kept watching and unbelivably I cried a bit in the scene that I made the GIF version above. That scene was in the christmas eve. It was about a boy who loved his bestfriend's girl, but the girl never knew until finally she got married and the boy was the one who recorded the wedding video which actually was all about the girl, not about the wedding. The girl finally figured it all out and nothing anyone could do. His bestfriend/the girl's husband knew nothing at all. In the christmas eve, the boy came to her house, camouflaging himself as a carol singer, and revealed his feeling which was so touching. He let go of her. He let himself hurt because he loved both her and his bestfriend and he knew that they loved each other, that they were happy together and that's enough for him. How would you not cry watching something like that?

A boy's sacrifice. sacrifice... SACRIFICE...
Sacrifice never feels good.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Never Been Knowing How It Feels to Fly

In Bandung, I rent a room. This room is fascinatingly facing the wide borderless sky. I often see the airplanes flying through the sky and in that moment I'll stand there watching it fly through my window until it truly disappears, until I can't see it at all. Why? What do you think is on my mind while I'm watching the airplanes flying? You wanna know? This:

"I'll be in that thing someday, flying to Europe."