Thursday, May 19, 2011

of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men is different in some ways. For instance, the character of Lennie. I like this character, he is uniquely complicated. He’s a nice fella, but foolish, and also awry because of his big body and its strength.
The story itself is not a kind of beautiful fairytale story that ends with happiness, but it is not horrifying either. That’s why I also like the story. It tells the beauty of relationship between Lennie and George, where they travel together, though most of the times George gets mad at Lennie but he actually tries to protect him. He always tells Lennie what to do and not what to do for his own good. But unfortunately Lennie keeps doing bad things, so the story ends with tragic. This is quite unusual to me because most of the stories that I’ve read reveal triumphs for the good guys. But in this story, Lennie is a good guy and ends death. Yes, Lennie is a good guy, he never does bad things to be mean. He is awry. But the good thing of Lennie’s death is that there won’t be anyone or anything else that dies for nothing.
And the ending is surprising. I mean, It’s fine if Lennie dies but I never expected that the one who killed him would be George, I thought it would be anyone else who killed him. Because from the very beginning George is described as a very close relation to Lennie and they’ve travelled together and have been through many things together.
The only thing I regret is the low language the characters use in most conversations. It takes longer to read and understand them. Though in the end I still can understand the meaning of the talks.
Overall, the novel has a tragic ending and is interesting to read. Not all people who do bad things are mean and repeating the same mistakes again and again will only make other people not to trust you at all.

Monday, May 02, 2011

This is a free verse kind of poem. Narrative, and no rhymes, I know. I just wanted to make something easy. and.. This is it. :)

Nothing but Darkness
-~ Rima Putriani

I was hiding in the curtain
Trying to stare outside
But all I could see was nothing
I turned around
Trying to see my reflection in the mirror
But all I could see was nothing
Flowers in the room
But i could just smell
I couldn’t see the dress I was wearing
But I could feel the girls’ envy
I couldn’t see anything but darkness
My tears dropped
But someone came in
And called me Darling
I knew it was you , my bridegroom
You took my hands and said, “I Love You and Only You”
And I didn’t have to see the world
to know
That it was smiling to me.

Yes. It's about a blind bride. I was just listening to Taylor Swift's Speak Now and then thinking "What if the bride was blind. It might be very awful."