Friday, January 28, 2011

Emma Watson, With Whom?

Ok. rumours all around. First ---> this Can you imagine her being Lautner's on-screen romance? No. Not even Blake Lively. Lively is far older than him, Watson is a little older than him. But still, it sounds awkward.

And idk why I care so much about this. I mean, just let her go, let he
r play with everyone. But no I can't just pretend not to notice. --There's no why.

Right, straight to the point, shall we?
(January 28th 2011, 13:29 WIB) @EmmaWatsonIndo uploaded a picture of a news. This news:

or if it's not clear enough. Read it here. Have you read it? Yeah? So what do you think about my twins, Logan Lerman and Emma Watson playing together in a movie. At first I was like "Siriusly?" and now I just can't wait to see the movie. Confusing, huh? me? :D

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I saw some little birds chirping on the yard at my campus this moring. their acts and facial gestures were telling me freedom. They looked happy.

Too happy that I wanted to ask them myself:

Are you as happy as you look?

Do you communicate with your friends?

are you free?

Have you ever got problems?

Is your life as complicated as humans'? as mine?

Do you fall in love?

Do you have feelings?

Do you even think, birds?

I was just curious. And might envy them if they do feel free to do everything they want. Let me be one of them even just for one day. Let me fly just like them.

But then I thought. I love my life more than I love freedom. Birds, I love my family and my friends. Then I don't want to be you if in the end I can't talk to them anymore.

If you're happy to be you, birds, then I love to be myself, I love me no matter how screwed my life is.