Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Choose Love

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"You once told me that love and fame can't leave in the same place ..... So choose love." ~ Kelly Canter
"Don't be afraid to fall in love. It's the only thing that matters in life." ~ Kelly Canter

What's wrong with being afraid of falling in love? Many people get hurt by loving. And falling in love is so easy yet I don't want to get hurt so often. So some people might be afraid of falling in love. or maybe this is just a pessimist talking. Well, whatever it is, the truth is they are not convinced enough to feel like they need to fall in love.

Enough with the philosophy. Country Strong is wonderful afterall. and for your information, I love country songs :) . The movie contains the hell lots of them, the good ones. Yeah! Let's get the soundtrack album :D

No. Seriously, this is a very beautiful movie. I never thought it'd get so emotional yet romantic. Cute. And tragic, yea. I don't entirely like the ending. There's this one which happens to be an unhappy-ending. But actually that sad ending is what makes the movie worth watching. I admit it. But I just don't like the movie poster.

( Also Thanks to Dhyn Hanarun who gave me the movie for free :) Thanks, dear. )

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

I've Never Heard Silence Quite This Loud

Finally, the music video has come out! :) I firstly fell in love with the music of the song (which I always did with almost all Swift's songs) and then I started to realize that the lyrics is so perfect, so original, I love it.

And the mv, I just like it! It doesn't matter that I don't really get the intention of each sequence of acts. But it's just good looking. Not only that taylor swift looks perfectly gorgeous in this video, but also that the whole performance just looks beautifully beautiful.