Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

 Forever Is Only The Beginning

Have you all watched Breaking Dawn Part 1? I did yesterday with my girl friends.

Ok, in the beginning of the film, I was all "What the hell is this?". In the middle:  (I don't really know, I was busy texting). In the end.. well, I felt better. With the birth of Renesmee and her first contact with Jacob and the feud between Jacob and his pack.. I could feel the emotion, really. The very end was special, I think. They showed how truly something Bella's color of eyes is, like it determined everything.. so dramatic, but I liked it. And they didn't show us the whole face of Bella which made me curious about how beautiful Bella would be with that color of eyes. Good! I can't wait for the 2nd part. But still, from overall film, I dislike how they arrange the sequence of events. Just.. a bit rough, don't you think?

Since I finished reading all the four twilight books, I always feel like the conflicts in there are added instead of arising naturally.  But the idea of the story actually is very interesting.  Maybe that's why it becomes the trendsetter. See? After twilight releases, other similar vampires suddenly appear with different kind of stories. 

But both film and stories share one same thing. They herald the glory of perfection, both physically  and emotionally. The perfection of the Cullens : beauty, wealth, vegetarian, etc. Fall in love with one of them? Turn yourself into a vampire and everything is perfect. One more perfect creature : Renesmee. The perfection of imprinting, when you've got your more than true love.


So, if twilight was that bad, why would the book be a best seller since it first came out, riiiight? But, as I notice so far, whether it is good or bad could be influenced by :
  1. Are you a man or a woman? Because men, unlike women, tend to the logic than feelings.  That's why women like romantic stories much more than men.
  2. What do you consider? The film or the story? Because a film might have a very good story, but a story might not be filmed well.
  3. What do you focus on? The bad things or the good things? Because I'm quite certain that everything has their own strengths and weaknesses, but some people only focus on one side (only the bad or only the good), not both.
  4. What kind of mood are you in? :p
  5. Are you a hater? :p

I'm not anyone's or anything's hater. I love twilight... such a guilty pleasure, though :)