Monday, July 19, 2010

Team Ron??!! Oh, come on! Seriously, guys..

I know Twilight and Harry Potter are two different sagas and no one should ever compare anything between them, but I think this is brilliant.. because Ron wins!! oh, Gosh, Potter rules, right??!! Don't forget to read the comments b'coz I like 'em so much..

This reminds me about Eclipse failure being TT on twitter weeks ago and Harry Potter lead..

Btw, why everyone says RG is a great actor.. Think I should say thanks to Mr. Scorsese..

But I always know everybody loves Ron Weasley (it's true, people! I don't say it just because I love him) , tho' some stupid people say RG is not handsome. Yea, he's not handsome, he's just gorgeous, brilliant, awesome, amazing, and many others..

Bye! I don't want to stop writing but I have to go.. I'll continue later!!
I've uploaded my lil video about rupert and emma to Youtube some weeks ago ...

and I edited somes..

If only you're curious, here is the link ---->

Saturday, July 10, 2010

[Don't Read!! B'coz This Isn't Important]

Hi, People..

N finally admitted that she wouldn't have denied marrying A. R and N were texting yesterday night. N teased R, R teased her back, resulting a fess said by N herself. She told R that she wouldn't mind dreaming about A and wouldn't have minded marrying him if his height had grown to 170.

Why so worried about height, N??

you know you love me,
Gossip Girl..