Monday, July 18, 2011

Good News!!

Rumors said that HPDH2 had passed the sensor so it's going to come to Indonesian cinemas soon. Subtitle is proceeded before the sensor which means that the film should've been ready to screen, it could be this week or next week.

You know what?!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I've been waiting for so long. Spoilers have been bothering me over this week. It's just a relief knowing that finally I'm gonna see it. Here. In Indonesia. :)

I'm just too happy today. Yay!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

To Snow White. I've tasted it, no poison :)

Sweet. Gorgeous. Touching. That's all I can say for this movie. Shone is so much a coward that he couldn't tell a girl that he's in love with her but all that he has done for her without anyone's notices is so sweet. I couldn't even hold my tears.

My tears firstly cracked in Nam's confession to Shone,

and when seeing Shone's notebook which is full of Nam's photographs, I cried even more. O my God, this guy is a sweet coward. And look at him! he's so cute. I can't watch him in pain. Oh, Mario Maurer, you did it very well.

Don't cry :(

But you know what I think? For a movie, this is a very great story. For a real life, it's so absurd. I don't believe there's such story happens in a real life. Come on. What I've been learning from this life so far is that cute boys wouldn't fall in love with an awkward face girl for no reason unless he has been a close friend with the girl for a long time. Most boys will, at first, look for girls with a good face. Trust me. Miracle might happen, though.

Inspite of all that, I do think that all girls in this world look beautiful. Just put a little make up and dress a little bit, and voila! You're a beautiful girl. This is so true, believe me. :)

a bug face Nam :)

Nam has turned beautiful

Shone's notebook :

This book is funny but it makes me know how much that you have tried. I want to tell you that you had succeeded since you began to do.

Answered Pin that she looked the same. She looked the same, cute as always.

Touched her hand for the first time. But I had to release it cause others would curious.

Gave her an apple but I bit it.

You've been better. Fight, Nam!

Love can win everything especially fear.

The first day it was very difficult to grow. One worm. Today I gave the rose to Nam. I said it was from my friend. It's because I'm tight-lipped.

Today I saw Top confessed. You know I'm hurt. Why our time never match?

Me too, wanted you to ride on my back.

Nam. Will you be my girlfriend?

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Jarang - jarang nih gue nonton film horor, film horor terahir yg gue tonton The Grudge sama Dream Home. The Grudge tuh masih oke - oke aja, tapi Dream Home? Gak mau mau lagi, once is more than enough. Awalnya ragu - ragu juga mau nonton film Insidious soalnya emang gak suka horor, apalagi kl horor nya yg psycho gitu.. No way! Tapi ada rasa kangen juga nonton horor, jadinya nonton deh.. *apa sih :p *

Dan ternyata filmnya gak seserem yang gue bayangin. Kata orang sih serem bgt, tp gak tau knp gue pikir lebih sereman The Grudge. Menurut gue sih yang bikin film ini oke bgt tuh ya jalan ceritanya. Ceritanya tuh dipikirin. Bukan yang hantunya tiba - tiba dateng, nakut-nakutin, orangnya mati ketakutan atau cerita tentang orang - orang kurang kerjaan yang nyari - nyari hantu dsb.. Tapi di Insidious hantunya lumayan bikin kaget sih, dan ditambah dengan efek suara nya itu.. berhasil bikin kaget.

Apalagi yang paling menarik itu adalah tentang astral projection nya itu. Keren banget. Dan saat itu juga ngerasa bahwa yang jadi inti ceritanya tuh ternyata bukan hantunya. Hantunya itu datang cuma karena ketidaksengajaan si Dalton bisa astral projection kan. Gue aja baru kepikiran bahwa bisa aja astral projection itu mengundang para hantu, karena emang tubuh kita itu lagi kosong.. Dan gue baru kepikiran saat itu banget. Dari yang gue baca dulu ttg proyeksi astral, gue gak baca yg tentang bisa ngundang para hantu, dan menurut gue itu idenya bagus bgt.

Gue sendiri sih percaya kalo seseorang bisa ngelakuin proyeksi astral. Dulu, percaya atau nggak, gue sempet googling tentang cara supaya bisa melakukan astral projection, tapi gue nya gak berani nyoba juga :p

"Last night I watched myself sleep.."