Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Could Say That... I'm Hopeless..

I know exactly what you think if you first see the title of the song. Fortunately, I listened to the song first then I searched for the title. So, let's ignore the title and just sit and listen the music first :

Dev feat. Enrique Iglesias - Naked

There is no music video (yet). What I enjoy the most from this song are its dance-beats and Dev's sexy vocal. I  praise Enrique's sultry vocal but I think it's Dev's voice that is so important. The way she sings with her sexy vocal makes the song sound cute and alive. I like when she says 'hey!' in the middle of the playing music, she sounds soooo cute. And the beats will really make you dance. Enjoy!

Also I think the lyric is sweet rather than horny. It's about two people in love who declare that they don't care what other people think of them or whether their parents agree or disagree about their relationship. All they care is that they love each other just the way they are.

And.. for your information.. for one reason, you could say that I'm really really hopeless right now.. :'(

But that ain't the girl
That ain't the girl I want you to be
The girl that keeps me up
And I see in my dreams
So, you could say that, you could say that
I love her

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Am Not Peter Pan

January the 19th. This year I'm officially 20. But honestly I do not feel the growth--of course. When I saw myself in the mirror this morning, nothing changed, still yesterday's face. Yesterday and Today: Different age, same face. Well, actually what did I expect, I don't know. Although I admit, a week before today I felt a bit scary --but excited, yes-- to face this day. It's just like, "Wow, I'm about to leave my teenage moment." "Can't wait! what will happen on January 19th?" "I'm just a kid, is it gonna be 20 already?"

Yup. I'm 20 now. Just like Jacqueline Emerson says, "I can't be a kid forever." Yaaay, nice lyric, Emerson! Let's make her Peter Pan song be today's soundtrack. Watch and listen below:

The music video is all about Jaqueline singing and playing keyboards. But don't ever think it will make you bored, because it won't. Trust me. I think it's the way she plays those keyboards that makes the video enjoyable to watch. So dynamic, jumping up and down following the music. Moreover, you won't get bored watching her face. Her smile is that nice, IMO. :)

"I know that I can't be a kid forever
But I know that I must live it now or never"

"I wanna freeze time at the drop of a hat
But even I can't do that"

"Everyone's pushing for us to grow up
But everything's happening way too fast
Everything's changing it's all rearranging
But you only live once"

Anyway, not that I don't want to grow old but.. wouldn't it be nice if we could be a kid forever and should not worry  of anything? Or live in a fantasy like ever? I love fantasy world a lot. Yes, it would be very nice, but come on.. no one should have wanted that. I wouldn't want to be trapped in innocence forever. We need challenges. We don't want to live a life monotonically, do we?

It was a very beautiful day today. I wish everyday was my bhirtday but... well, no, thank you, I'm old enough :) I do feel touched seeing this cake, gift, birthday invoice, and wishes from all these wonderful people. I couldn't believe that there are people out there who really care about my birthday. Although there's this one birthday wish that I didn't get. FYI, this one wish is so simple, soooooo simple, it iiis that simple, but I guess it's too much for me. It's 11.42 p.m already and still there's no signal of it. 

That one wish makes me so sad, definitely.  But right now, nothing I could do but be thankful. Thank You ♥

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcoming The Yet Invisible Adventures

Happy New Year 2012!!!!

Picture source:

Thank you, 2011, for all the memories. All the happiness, sadness, loves, 'galau' times, lovable times, various experiences, new friends, closer friends, lessons, knowledge, everything! I had got the most diverse lesson, the most diverse experiences, and the most diverse feeling in 2011. We can do better, we can get better.

I'm ready for 2012!!!!