Friday, August 26, 2011

I, Wizards, and Mutants

I'm doing something really stupid right now:  telling you about my novel. No one knows about this novel, I mean except my high school friends. I've never really talked about it to anyone I met after finishing high school. I never wanted to talk about it, actually. But then when I was showering this morning, my mind travelled to my senior high school memories and to this novel and I was like, "I can't believe it, I never mentioned a word about my novel on my blog."

So here is the story. A few years ago when I was a 2nd grader of senior high school, our Bahasa Indonesia teacher gave everyone of us an assignment to write a novel, print it, and then collect it at the end of the year.  Our novels should not be less than 100 pages and in the end they would be put in the library so our juniors could read them.

Most of us wrote about love, about teenage life, which, as I read them, was mostly inspired by their own life story. There were also plenty of who wrote a sort of mystery, though, something that drained your brain a little. But there I was, a Potter geek,  wrote about wizards and mutants. Haha.. what a freak.

Inspired by Harry Potter, X-Men, Fantastic 4, and Meg Cabot's All American Girl, I named the novel The End of Magic. It tells about, yeah you know, parallel worlds between our world and the magical world. Humans have become very powerful in the very modern era and the wizards always live hidden in the ancient, magical world which is about to end. And Luna, a newbie witch, finds a secret that leads her the the challenge of saving her magical world from the mutants. Yeah, mainly, it’s about the feud between wizards and mutants.

This is the draft in microsoft words.  221 pages. And I've no idea why I couldn't find any picture of the printed one. Thinking maybe I could go sneaking into the library and steal my own novel.

I thought very hard to find a place which can be good to represent modernity and also can be good for conservatism. So I put the setting in London, UK. And anyway,  I always love UK and always want to go there.

Yeah, while everybody tried to write something as realistic as they can, I tried to write something that I've never experienced at all in the setting that I've never been at all. Can you imagine how frustrated I was, I googled a lot. And these awful questions like "would this be rational? Would this be okay with the readers? Why does the story run that way?" kept popping up into my head while I was writing. But then I always had the answer. You know why? Because I was the author, I was the creator, it was my creation, I built the story myself. When you're a creator, you have this freedom of changing things, arranging things, you can always make something up so it can be what you want it to be. Wonderful, isn't it?

But still… I was about 15 or 16 when I wrote this novel and my writing was that bad. It was a mess, very awful.  That's why I never told anybody about that. I'll keep it until maybe someday, if I have the time, I rebuild it and print it for myself, for a memory. I'm that pathetic, I know.

But don't worry I'm still awesome :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Bhirtday!

Today is August 24th 2011, so that means it's Rupert Grint's 23rd bhirtday!! Yes!!
Happy Bhirtday, Rupert, the ginger king!! I LOVE YOU!! Love till the very end!! :D

And I found this wicked post by a fan that contains pics, quotes by and about rupert. A MUST READ. There are also videos by fans regarding to his bhirtday, watch them here and here
Be good, rupes. Your fans love you... just the way you are. I know it's true, and you must know it too. 
And you must know too that I'll support you, whatever happens. So.. just be good. :)
Again. Happy Bhirtday, dear love, Rupert Grint. Wish all the best for you and your future. :))

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Chats to Remember

It's always nice to meet our old friends again, isn't it? And talk about memories.. so precious :)
Well, pictures below are me and my junior high school girls (the girl with red t-shirt is me). More than four years no seeing each other, finally we met again, today. We were fast-breaking together (It's ramadhan! Two weeks to go to Eid). It was supposed to be six, including me, but two others couldn't make it, so there were only four of us.

From left to right : Elsya, Vevy, Fitri, and I.

And guess what I got as ta'jil? Es bul bul with cherries (read: kersen), I picked the cherries myself from the trees nearby :D

I'm so glad to have seen them again. See you soon, girls :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Go T-shirt!

I always wanted to make this t-shirt, I had gotten my desired pictures which are supposed to be printed on the t-shirt but I just didn't know how to design the t-shirt. I've never been being lucky enough to get corel or photoshop application everytime I reinstalled my windows. But I do have some free photo editors (though they're all lame, but I'm grateful enough to have them), and then this idea came to my mind. I googled female t-shirt template and I found a good one, then I put my pictures on the template using the photo editor I have. And here is the result :

So, actually, I posted this to ask for your comments. To me, this is enough but if any of you thinks there's something wrong with this t-shirt design, please comment. I need your opinion, so please help me? :)
Also I think I'm going to make it a long sleeve t-shirt. 

Muito Obrigada :))

Monday, August 08, 2011

Tupert Moment

Tom Felton and Rupert Grint seem to hang out a lot in LA these recent days. I'm jealous of you, Tom, but you're so sweet that you tweeted a lot about them and even posted pictures that we couldn't get from media. Love you, Tom! You know how to make your fans get excited :D

Tom tweeted firstly about rups and his t-shirt you know the t-shirts that makes me love rup beyond, and then about rup ordered pizza with truffle, about them playing golf, and the latest tweet (posted today after TCA) is this : 

I didn't know when did rupe do that hands Tom was talking about in LA (looks like dan's and emma's were molded too), but then I remembered these pics :

The time I saw those pics, I wondered what they were doing.. but now, it's clear.. :)))
So, Rupert was having a walk to remember with Tom's company.. Aww, rupes.. I promise when I have the chance to go to California someday, I'll visit Hollywood just to see your original molded hands, molded wand, and your name on the ground.. :)

Mil Beijos,


Saturday, August 06, 2011

After All This Time?

So! It's a total relief, right, knowing that HPDH 2 was finally released in Indonesia, even though it's quite late. And untill now, I've watched it three times. Once in 3D and twice in 2D. Well, many people say this movie is epic. I thought, yes this is the last one, this must be epic, but when I first watched it, in 3D, I was like, "honestly, this is not what I expected from the last movie of the harry potter franchise ever." I don't mean this is a bad movie. No, this is good, it made many people cry and also you cannot say bad when everybody says epic because you'll lose :p What I mean here is that this movie has the goods and the bads, just like everything else. So I'm gonna make some points.
  1. I don't know, after I finished watching this movie, I felt like I just watched a film full of montage. Every scenes seems to be so short to me. Not surprising, actually, because HPDH2 is the shortest harry potter film with only two hours and ten minutes. It looks like they're trying to put as much scenes as they can and ends up everytime a scene finishes I was like, "wait, that's all?". Well, book loyalty isn't a matter at all now for me. No harry potter film would've satisfied me if I judged them only from their loyalty to the books. I understand that films and books are quite different. 
  2. Snape's memory... is waaaay too short. I didn't cry in this scene, you know. Alan Rickman's acting is soooooo good though (O my goodness.. HIM.. for all the awards) . Just.. the story isn't enough. They could just delete some of the battle and add more scenes to snape's memory. I think the battle is too much, nagini lives too long, Neville could've just finished it right in the field where harry wakes up from dead-pretending.
  3. Helena Bonham Carter is awesome. She does well as hermione. When she is hermione, you don't see bellatrix at all even though the appearance is completely bella's.
  4. The effects win. Probably this is a harry potter film with the best film effects. I don't know, though, I have to watch the previous films first to make sure. But in this movie, the magic looks awesome and more vivid, like real. I haven't seen those kind of magic in the previous films. They look beautiful. I was so WOW,  I felt almost crying by amazement.
  5. The 3D isn't that good. Let me remind you that this movie isn't made to be 3D, it's just a 3D convertion. But there are some parts of the scenes which are looking good in 3D, like the smokes, the dementors, the warner bros logo, and the scene when voldemort's body shatters. Others? look the same in 2D.
  6. The soundtrack is wonderful. Love love love love since the beginning when the warner bros logo appears until the end of the movie. :)
  7. Rupert Grint's acting is adorable when Fred dies. Ron is not so comical this time. The trio look sirius serious along the film and that's ok actually, that makes sense. Hermione and Ron don't have much lines, the movie is centered to Harry... and Voldemort. And I'm so disappointed that Ron doesn't talk at all in the epilogue, he's just silent, that's sooooo NOT ron weasley. Rupert said that the epilogue was actually longer than what appears in the cinema. Yeah, they better put that longer epilogue in the DVD or I'll kill them.

    19 years later :')

    Mr. and Mrs. Weasley with their two children :')
  9. This one is more touching than any harry potter films. I cried in the first time watching it --honestly, I never thought I would cry at all-- and it was not in the snape's scene, it's when harry meets the ghosts of his parents and sirius and lupin. Harry never sees his mother for his whole life and the time he really sees her (and it's when he's in a crack), he cannot even touch her. That's so heartbreaking OMG I think I'm gonna cry again!! And Ron and Hermione's faces when harry says he's going to the forest and also Ginny's face when she thought she saw harry's dead body, nooo I felt like it's waterfall on my face. I, myself, can't see my bestfriend dead. :(
  10. Best part : when harry wakes up from his dead-pretending, then that cheers from Hogwarts warriors,  and that shock reaction from the death eaters. Definitely the best part! :)
  11. The Malfoy Family. I like it when narcissa would do anything to keep her son safe, even if she has to betray voldemort. And when she, lucius, and draco run away from the battle, I love it, it's my second best part. I'm in love with the malfoy family :)

So this is the end. This is sad. This iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis sad. And to me, this is a good movie, I appreciate that the crew have done their best to finish this movie and they did well,  I have too many favorite scenes here.. I rated it 3 out of 5 stars

3 is good, right? ok? :) But it's just... I want more, Yates. I don't want to end it here, like this, with 3.. as a fan, I want it to be a five. I think Part 1 is still better than Part 2. And don't forget, I think Alan Rickman deserves an oscar, and Rupert Grint deserves more than an oscar, please.. 

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Nonbar Milis IHP HP7 Part 2

Three days ago (July 31st), for the second time and for the last time, I attended Nonbar Milis IHP HP7 Part 2. I went to Jakarta with @haney07 as always and this time our journey was rough, it wasn't like last year at all. But it's not the point, I was grateful enough to be there. Things that make me grateful to have been there:

1. We watched the movie in a big auditorium with a very big screen and with more than 500 Potterheads. What could be more awesome than that? It's always different when you watch HP with other potterheads, moreover there are hundreds of them. We clapped together, we laughed together, we cried together, and we screamed together. It's like we have the same feeling for every scenes shown. I remember a woman cried harder than everyone there when Snape is dead, she sobbed like seeing her family dead. She got my shympathy. And when Ron and Hermione kissing, everybody was like "Eaaaaaa", "Aw aw aw" hahaha I just laughed. It was all so exciting.

2. Cosplay!!! This is the best part. People wear costumes. Last year I saw Snape, Luna, Voldemort, and many hogwarts students with their robes on. And this year I saw Dementor, Bellatrix, young Narcissa, Harry Potter, Astoria, and others. Nice costume, Bella!! :)

    This picture belongs to @IndoHarryPotter

look, we found dementor! Rima, you should've been scared rather than smiling.

it's @_ubibakar and @vnovbiebs with #HarryPotternyaIHP. Pictures are theirs, not mine :)

3. Friends. It's always nice to meet potterhead friends. I remember after photographing this pic :

@_ubibakar said, "Dementor, Dementor…" while pointing somewhere behind us and the three of us did look around.. Lol.. She got us!

And this is one of the coolest things I got, I always wanted this since I saw the similar one on Tumblr : FIGHT FOR HOGWARTS!

Thanks for the comittee.. This was a very nice event.. :)

It's so sad that this is the last film. Yes it all ends there, needless to resist. Even though with pottermore around, still, harry potter story has ended. JK Rowling herself said that she won't ever write the 8th story. It's the fandom that will never last.. not the story. Nothing else to wait for about Harry Potter, neither the books nor the films. Rowling might write HP again, but not another new chapter, it's probably something like the reboot (if it's films). So.. the story has ended, let's just admit it. (I'm crying inside though)

And! Since I avoid spoiling those who haven't watched the film -it hasn't been a week since it's released in Indonesia anyway- , my review about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be posted tomorrow or another tomorrow. :)

Special thanks to @IndoHarryPotter @_ubibakar @vnovbiebs @haney07 for the phographs and everything :)